Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yoke Fook Moon: dimsum for dinner

We all know that Ipoh had plenty plenty of choice for dimsum, especially breakfast. All the restaurant for dimsum is up to par, with plenty of dimsum selection from the normal ones to more innovative choices. However, come dinner time, selection for dimsum is very limited, probably the only few choices is those in the stalls.

Yoke Fook Moon do served dimsum for dinner, opening its door at 6.30pm. For those who do not know where it is, it is exactly the same row as the new FuShan, near YoYo bus stop (used to be Alishan bus stop), or just behind Exelsior Hotel in Ipoh Town.

One of the main choice for restaurant beside FuShan and Ming Court, one can expect more from this place. And that is what one will get. Newly renovated, the place is comfortable. Like any dimsum restaurant, once seated, the waitress will come over offering choices of different dimsum for selection. Once chosen, she will mark it in your receipt.

Do expect good dimsum here. The steamed and fried dimsum is aplenty. The normal siumai (pork dumpling) and hakao (prawn dumpling) is good. Though not brilliant either. The HK chucheongfun is as always, good in this kind of restaurant, though I always prefer those in stalls, and from Teluk Intan. The wukok (yam pie) is nice, not so oily but crispy at the same time. The fish ball was a bit of let down though as there is nothing special regarding it. There is the normal deep fried choice which is just norm to me.

Overall, expect the price to be as usual as well compare to other
dimsum restaurant. Still, it is better compare to the ridiculous pricing at FuShan.

ratings: 3 half poink! (considering the price)
comments: good dimsum, good pricing, nothing spectacular though, but definitely do not disappoint.

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